5-Year Wellness Score

Our wellness score is adapted from a highly-validated tool (Horne et al. 2009) used to predict mortality from basic blood test results. It has been adjusted to give a score out of 100 (higher is better) and includes your predicted age based on how "old" your test results look in our algorithm.

Immune Balance Score

Our immune balance score was developed to track changes in the input markers that are commonly seen in the setting of diseases associated with chronic inflammation. The score given for each marker is then based on the risk of health and disease outcomes (such as all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease, and cancer survival) determined from published data.

Toxicity Balance Score

Our toxicity balance score is determined by the predicted presence (and strength of prediction) of the common exposures forecasted by the algorithm based on your input markers. Predicted markers within the toxicity score are then grouped into broad categories to help you identify types and sources of exposure that may need to be addressed.

Metabolic Health Score

Our metabolic health score is a predictor of insulin resistance and blood glucose dysregulation, as well as other factors strongly associated with the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. It combines input markers (i.e. fasting glucose) and evidence-based calculations (i.e. Atherogenic Index of Plasma) with predictions from the algorithm (i.e. elevated LDL-P and insulin, and iron overload), as well as the strength of those predictions.

Nutrition Score

Our nutrition score combines well-validated markers of nutritional status from your measured blood tests (i.e. fasting glucose, albumin, and RDW) with predicted micronutrient and vitamin requirements from the algorithm (i.e. zinc and vitamin A status) to give an overall picture of your current nutrient needs.

Oxidative Balance Score

Our oxidative balance score was created based on blood markers that have been shown to cause, protect against, and/or correlate with oxidative stress and its associated diseases. Also built into the score is the predicted presence (and strength of the prediction) of anti-oxidant micronutrient deficiencies that have been shown to be associated with or contribute to elevated oxidative stress.